Who We Are

Vladislav DavidzonVladislav Davidzon, Senior Partner

Vladislav believes that socially-responsible small-scale economic development is an absolutely critical key to development of a thriving culture and long-term health of our vibrant planet.  Diversity is essential to stability, and without a full-spectrum economy we will never have a full-spectrum democracy.

For over a decade, Vladislav has been launching and managing disruptive social change ventures.   Internet hosting, sustainability bicycle tours, leadership workshops, political campaigns – you name it.  Vladislav Davidzon revolutionized an entire industry by launching the first carbon-neutral webhosting company, turning a small investment into a tremendous return;  and he has also changed the lives of thousands of people through nature-rooted sustainability education.

Although along the way he’s gained a diverse range of skills across a range of industries, his single most critical skill has been the ability to develop effective marketing messaging that delivers results.  Vladislav also acquired an unparalleled collection of partner collaborators — web developers, programmers, designers, search engine specialists and marketing gurus who make ecoSpark a truly full-service consultancy.

Josh StoikJosh Stoik, Senior Partner
Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Josh is an extraordinarily talented website developer and programmer.  For over fifteen years Josh has been developing custom website applications, working with progressive  clients to actualize – or rather virtualize — their ideas.

Josh writes the code and engineers the databases powering our clients’ dynamic web applications. Specifically, we design for LAMP environments. LAMP is a collection of free, open-source software, consisting of Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP. LAMP technologies enable faster, cheaper, and more secure web applications (than Microsoft solutions, for example).

Josh and our other programming team are fully fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as the idiosyncrasies of the platforms which render them.  Under Josh’s guidance, our team  can construct sites that maintain strict standards compliance (for maximum compatibility), or sites that bark and scream from the cutting-edge of emerging standards (for maximum sexiness), or sites compromising somewhere between the two.

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