Results Matter

Much marketing advice is pure nonsense put out by people who make money by selling space in their newspapers or websites.  Even when well-intentioned, the advertising they sell simply does not generate results — and nothing scares them more than advertisers who come demanding results.

Regardless of what the newspaper ad sales people will tell you, killing more trees to snail-mail more ads will not help you gain clients.  If you are paying for anything other than proven results, you are wasting your money.  On average, you will need to get in front of your prospects at least six times to get one percent of them to act.  Six impressions to generate a one percent response — and that’s with effective messaging to a relatively targeted audience. You cannot afford to get results with traditional marketing (print or web!), it simply will not work.

To see your business thrive you need results-driven advertising, at a cost that drives sustainable returns.  Let our team help you avoid the nonsense and to develop effective, financially-sustainable marketing strategies that truly work.